Our Manifesto

We have two primary goals as a company. 

The first is to provide our customers with a reliable and affordable alternative to regular "corporate" cable television.  

We think some of the prices that traditional cable providers charge are absolutely insane. One of the biggest cable providers in our region is currently charging $99/month + $49.00 install fee for only 170 "premium" channels. Yeah.. no thanks.

And as much as we all like Netflix, unfortunately we can't catch the latest episode of Game of Thrones or watch the Lakers take on the Warriors. 

As good as our TVZON service is, we believe customer retention is attained by outstanding customer service. Our goal is to set our customers up in a quick and efficient way and to provide strong ongoing support throughout their service use. 

Our second goal - is to be the leading website people turn to when they want to learn anything IPTV related.

Over the coming weeks and months we hope to create content that our users see real value in. We'll write thorough reviews on all the major servers and devices. We'll Post "How To" guides and videos, and compare the features and benefits of all the major devices and servers out there.

This second goal is quite ambitious and may take some time - but we feel like it will serve many people and is worth the effort.


TVZON IPTV Management Team