Android Devices

Method: Installing and configuring STB Emulator app 



1. Go to the Google Playstore on your device and install the STB Emulator app. There is a Pro version that costs $7.49 (CAD) and a free version (contains adds).

2.Once you open the app, you should be directed to a grey greeting page. At the bottom left hand corner press configure.

3. You will be directed to the settings page. Select Profiles.

4. Select New Profile.

5. You will be directed to the Profile Settings page. Please select Portal Settings.

6. Select Portal URL

7. Delete the URL that is already entered there and replace it with

8. Head back to Profile settings. Select STB Configuration

9. Select MAC Address

10. Please provide us with the MAC address that you see here. We will not be able to activate your service until you have provided this to us.  

11. Back out of all the menu pages 

12. Click on the top right-hand corner of the main screen. A blue circular icon should appear. Once you click on it a grey drop down menu will appear. 

13. Go to Profiles

14. Select the Profile that is there, wait for the service to load. 


Common Troubleshooting Errors 

1. If you followed all the steps above, and on the main screen it asks you for a login & password it can mean two things. 

  • We have not yet activated your subscription - we most likely are waiting for you to send us your MAC address as we generally activate subscriptions within 30 minutes 
  • Your subscription is active, but you haven't rebooted your device for it to take effect. Please go to Settings - Profiles - Select Profile 

2. Host not found error message. This message most likely means that you typed the URL ( into the internal portal rather than Portal URL. Another issue may be poor internet connection. Ethernet connection may fix this issue.

3. If you get a message that "STB has been blocked" it means that your subscription has expired or we have not yet activated it. 

4. If you get a message that states firmware outdated, this most likely means that you have entered the Portal URL incorrectly.