Devices That Support TVZON IPTV Service

 MAG Devices 
ANDROID Devices  IPTV Boxes  Apple 
MAG 250 MXQ Pro DreamLink T2 Plus iPhone
MAG 254 H96 Pro Plus BuzzTV XPL 3000 iPad
MAG 255 T95Z Formuler  AppleTV
MAG 254W1 X96 Mini MacBook
MAG 254W2 Android Phones
MAG 322 Android TV's SMART TVs
MAG 323 AVOV Samsung Smart TV
MAG 324 Nvidia Shield  LG Smart TV
MAG 325
MAG 410


There are hundreds of different devices on the market today. Most of them will support TVZON IPTV and the majority of other servers too. This chart includes just some of the most frequently asked about devices. 

If you are unsure if your device is compatible with TVZON IPTV, send us a message.