Express Server

I'm happy to announce, that exclusively available to our existing TVZON customers - we offer access to the Express server as a backup to TVZON. This will help ensure you can watch television when you want and without disruption. 

Purchasing and having access to two different servers helps ensure reliability, and is a step in the right direction towards permanently cutting the cord.

The Express Server is compatible with all the same devices & apps as TVZON. We support Smart TV via Smart-STB app, Android / Firestick via STB Emulator, and iOS devices through the StalkerTV app. 

We offer the Express Server at a discounted price you won't find anywhere else on the market. Our goal is not to make additional profit with this server, but to help our existing customers get the most value out of our IPTV business. 


Express Server Details

1. 2500+ Live Channels 

2. 4500 + VOD section with Movies & TV Shows

3. PPV Events

4. Live Sports

5. Large Selection of International Categories 


Minimum Requirements for Access to Express Panel

1. Current customer of TVZON with a minimum purchase of "3 Month Subscription" 

2. Minimum 3 month purchase of the Express Server package ($25.00)


How do I get this additional Server?

1. Send Interac E-transfer of $25.00 to

2. In the Memo section of the payment, note payment is for Express Server. Also provide your most recent TVZON order number.

3. If you only have 1 device / MAC address registered for the TVZON server, we will use the same MAC address for the Express Server. 

4. If you have multiple devices for TVZON - Please advise which MAC address you'd like to use for the Express Server.


Server Information

Portal URL: