STB Emulator On Screen Remote Tutorial


Confused about the STB Emulator remote control?

The STB Emulator app comes with a built in on-screen remote. In most cases you don't need to use this as your device also comes with a remote control to navigate.

But for users who are using IPTV on their phones, tablets, and PCs - this little guide can be helpful.

The functionality of the onscreen remote is intuitive, and the button labels mostly speak for themselves. However, it can get confusing at times as the functionality of the buttons can change slightly depending on what screen your on. 


When you are on any channel, the buttons work in this manner:


The functions of the buttons change when you are on the menu screen. Please see the image below to see how the buttons will act.



As you might have noticed, the main differences are on the "Right" & "Left" buttons. When you are on a menu screen, these buttons work to navigate you between the TV Guide / Time-shift feature and getting to the Main Screen. 

You may have also noticed that the colored buttons at the bottom are all inactive. If you are looking to record a specific channel you will need to use a separate app to do so, or you can just use the Time-shift feature and watch it at a later time.